ICEP Focuses on DePauw

DePauw is one of three Indiana colleges being focused on for an underage drinking project.  The Indiana Criminal Justice Institute is partnering with the Indiana State Excise Police to reduce underage Drinking.  The focus is on DePauw along with Indiana Bloomington and Ball State Universities.

This attention comes at a time when DePauw’s Administration has also been looking into campus drinking.  The Committee to Study the Use of Alcohol on Campus recently released conclusions from its investigation of drinking at DePauw. Vice President for Communications, Christopher Wells, says the impact will depend on how the ICE program goes about pursuing this initiative.   He says overall he hopes this program will be constructive and he does not see it having a negative impact on DePauw’s recruiting.

Wells: “The notion that efforts are taking place outside the campus administration as well as inside the campus administration to try and control the damaging effects of abusive alcohol… I think that is a positive thing. ”

Excise officers may be in plainclothes monitoring bars, liquor stores, and other locations where alcohol is sold during this program.  ICEP began February 6th and will progress throughout the spring semester.


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